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AI dream interpretation using the Temenos Dream App


The new feature can be found on the main dream editing page where you enter the dream description and symbols, etc.

You can now get a complete interpretation of any dream for free in Temenos Dream!

The interpretation is based on Jungian and Depth Psychology theories of dream analysis and uses OpenAI, the latest artificial intelligence system, to generate some interesting ideas about what your dream might mean. Take a look!

We’ve created a system that gives you ideas, connections and questions to ponder that might lead to a little more insight into your dream-life and enhance your relationship to your unconscious. Let us know what you think! This new version of Temenos Dream is available now (you might need to update your app). As always, the app is free, your dreams always remain private and encrypted, and we do not sell advertising.

How to use it:

Enter your dream (or open an existing dream) Identify the symbols in the dream that are meaningful to you Note what personal associations you have with those symbols Write down the feeling tone and context of the dream (what happened the day before)

These details help the AI make its best guesses about the meaning of your dream. Click the 'AI Interpretation' button and see the results. The system will also suggest some questions to contemplate that arise from your dream. These make great journal prompts for further insights.

Also, you can 'Continue the conversation' and ask the AI to clarify certain points, or give it more information and tell it to try again. It's a fun way to engage with your dream. Keep in mind, the AI will rarely be 'right' but we think it will give you some fun ideas to chew on that may not have occurred to you.

Some early feedback:

“This is next level. I feel so seen!! …I really like it, felt jolting in a connecting, “uh oh” exhilarating way. Felt like a therapy session with the links and the open ended questions to ponder.”

PS - we're also making our Premium features free for life for anyone who creates an account before October 15th, so congratulations, you've already got that. But if you want to tell a friend, they can get this free deal too!

Have questions? Contact us at support@temenosdream.com

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